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in season - spring

  • fresh shoots and new beginnings
  • the soil begins to warm and it’s time to plant tomatoes
  • the hens begin to lay
  • the bees begin to buzz and the honey flows
  • spring onions, spring lamb and freshly dug garlic
  • tender young broad beans and a flush of green asparagus
  • sprays of spring blossom
  • peony roses are a cameo showstopper


  • the harvest season
  • the perfume of summer fruits wafts through the market
  • greengages and gooseberries, strawberries and raspberries, blueberries, apricots and cherries
  • green feast peas and pink eye potatoes in time for christmas
  • plaits of purple garlic cure
  • there’s fragrant basil to plant
  • warm currents bring all manner of fish our way
  • and thoughts of sizzling sausages on the BBQ are never far away


  • our island at its prime
  • the weather settles – tomatoes blush and figs ripen
  • sweetcorn, chillies and capsicum make us want to fiesta
  • we go nuts for hazelnuts and walnuts, squash and pumpkin
  • the fresh snap of green beans, french beans and butter beans
  • we forage for wild blackberries and pine mushrooms
  • the brassica family show their mighty heads
  • enter the parade of apple and pear varieties


  • cool, crisp and tastier for it
  • cool water entices the scallops
  • frosts sweeten the parsnips, yams and jerusalem artichokes
  • and when the frosts come we dig for treasure – black perigord truffles
  • we grow winter greens – mizuna, mibuna and tatshoi
  • curly or flat kale and rainbow chard
  • a splash of golden lemons and the heady scent of jonquils and daffodils
  • the first of the olive oil gives us a taste of the warm weather ahead