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The application process to score a stall at Farmy is thorough in order to uphold the market’s principles and ethos.

Please read through the information on this page to ensure you meet the requirements and then email us for a Producer Information Kit and Expression of Interest Form.

We’d love to hear from you!

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m | 0408 543 179


The creation of a thriving, inner city food hub where seasonality, provenance and knowledge are the key ingredients and community, the heart beat.

We believe there should be zero degrees of separation between the people who produce our food and those that eat it.

It is our goal that Tasmania becomes recognised globally as a food province in its own right.


Farm Gate Market is underpinned by 3 strict principles in order to ensure our authenticity and ethos is upheld:

  1. if you can’t eat it, drink it or grow it, you can’t sell it
  2. everything sold at Farmy must be grown or produced within the geographical boundaries of Tasmania
  3. only the person who grows, produces or cooks the goods for sale is permitted to sell them

what items can be sold

  1. fresh produce
  2. meat, seafood and dairy
  3. baked goods
  4. value added food product
  5. alcoholic + non-alcholic beverages
  6. food (and beverage) to consume onsite
  7. garden