with a ring-ding-ding of the farm bell…


Every Sunday, come rain hail or shine, a busy street in the heart of Hobart transforms into a bustling farmers’ market. It’s all about Tasmanian produce and getting to know your farmer, and it always has been.

Ten years back, our market began with an honest and simple philosophy, that if you couldn’t eat it, drink it, grow it or meet the producer, then you wouldn’t find it at the market. That ethos has always held true.  And now, the little farmers’ market that began with 12 stallholders has grown into an essential Sunday ritual for locals and one of the top ten farmers’ markets in the country.

Tasmania’s distinct growing seasons make for an ever-changing array of produce and that’s what we celebrate every Sunday. Staying true to what’s in season locally is reflected throughout the market; on fresh produce stalls, in artisan foods and foodie menus.

The buzz starts well before sunrise, as farmers and producers from around Tasmania arrive and fill the street. Trestle tables are laden with our island’s freshest seasonal produce from the sea and the land, heritage and heirloom varieties, seasonal foodie treasures and pantry staples.

The market provides inspiration to grow your own with seedlings, unusual herbs and endemic plants and fruit trees.

Artisan producers display our state with olive oil, cool climate wine, spirits from boutique distilleries, healthy treats, artisan breads, cakes and sourdough donuts, jams, mustards and preserves, locally roasted coffee and hand blended tea.

As the sun rises the air fills with cafe orders being called across the market and mouth watering aromas follow quickly in their wake.

At 8.30am sharp the big brass bell rings and trade begins! Market regulars are there bright and early, getting the word on what’s been freshly dug and picked.

With community at its heart, the market hums along as conversation flows, buskers and street performers fill the street with colour and melody, kids and families play and friends meet up.

We know our farmers very well and we’d like to share their stories with you.  Whenever you’re in Hobart, we’d love to… see you on Sunday.